ST Cell Line Clonality Assessment

At Creative Bioarray, we utilize Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) for the genetic characterization of ST cell lines, offering insights into transgene integration sites and integrity. We have developed a method to evaluate clonality, leveraging a FISH-DNA platform for identifying the precise chromosomal location of the incorporated recombinant transgene. If all identified FISH patterns in the MCB are alike, it implies that the cell line has a clonal origin. Nevertheless, the observation of two or more distinct FISH patterns signifies that either the cell line does not originate clonally, or a chromosomal rearrangement has occurred during propagation.

This FISH method allows for analysis of single cells to assess the homogeneity within the parental population.

ST Cell Line Clonality Assessment

The requirements set by regulatory authorities for the monoclonality of cells in industrial production hold significant importance. This demand stems from the understanding that a single cell clone ensures uniform biological characteristics and consistent performance, fostering more predictable and reliable outputs. To ensure monoclonality, rigorous scrutiny during cell line development is essential. Any lapse in confirming monoclonality can potentially lead to variations in productivity and quality of the end products in industrial production. Hence, regulatory bodies emphasize stringent controls and comprehensive documentation to verify and ensure cell line monoclonality throughout industrial processes.

Creative Bioarray's ST Cell Line Clonality Assessment Service has the following Features:

  • Detection of each individual integration site
  • Analyze 100-200 cells per sample
  • Rapid 4-week turnaround time, including addition reporting
  • High accuracy and sensitively
  • Competitive pricing

Creative Bioarray offers ST Cell Line Clonality Assessment Service for your project as follows:

  • Probe design
  • Probe synthesis
  • Chromosome spread preparation
  • FISH on chromosome spreads Imaging
  • Data analysis (karyotyping and integration pattern analysis)

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