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About miRNA and FISH

The single-stranded microRNA (miRNA) (18-24 nucleotides) produced from the non-coding RNA precursor transcript binds to the partial complementary sequence of the target mRNA, thereby controlling the stability of the mRNA and initiating the translational inhibition of the target gene to affect expression. Mature miRNA regulates gene expression by silencing mRNA or inducing mRNA cleavage and degradation. Detecting and quantifying miRNA is challenging because it has some unique characteristics that are different from mRNA. For example, miRNA usually has a short nt sequence. In addition, the different forms, high copy numbers, and unique expression changes of miRNA-source precursor transcripts all increase the difficulty of designing highly specific oligonucleotides for probe-based assays. With the development of molecular analysis techniques and methods, various miRNA analysis methods have been designed to measure the expression level, stability and abundance of miRNA in cells, tissues and organs.

 In situ hybridization protocols used for imaging of small RNAs. (Urbanek M O, et al. 2015)Fig 1. In situ hybridization protocols used for imaging of small RNAs. (Urbanek M O, et al. 2015)

FISH Analysis of miRNA

The FISH analysis for miRNA and mRNA use different methods on several key junctions. This is due to its molecular characteristics. Therefore, our FISH analysis protocol will be fully customized according to the customer's target. Our miRNA-FISH service is mainly customized for customers with the following needs, such as studying the function of miRNA, the combination of miRNA and its interacting molecules, the application of miRNA in vitro therapeutic research, and so on. The feature of this service is the use of a special LNA/DNA probe (optional) and a tyramine signal amplification system to improve resolution and reduce background. At the same time, we will choose the specific control probe according to the customer's sample type to avoid false positives while ensuring accuracy.

Services Process

We provide industry-leading FISH analysis and testing services. This targeted miRNA location, qualitative and quantitative service can further analyze and locate molecules of interest in cell and tissue samples. The first step of this service is to customize the experimental protocol, including simple FISH protocol customization for sample type and target information. The second step is sample processing, including guidance and sample delivery as well as basic quality control. The third step is the customization of the probe. The fourth step is the process of hybridization and hybridization of FISH. Next is signal detection, harvesting images and data. Finally, we conduct bioinformatics analysis on the collected data, and then issue experimental reports and data reports.

Comprehensive miRNA FISH service workflow. - Creative BioarrayFig 2. Comprehensive miRNA FISH service workflow.

Customer Report Checklist

  • Customized experimental protocol;
  • Quality control report;
  • Probe report;
  • Image report;
  • Bioinformatics report;

The miRNA FISH service provided by Creative Bioarray provides unique probe and signal amplification technology to achieve high-quality and high-accuracy analysis. The probes used in this service are customized for customer samples and targets, and you will benefit from our technical expertise. Choose our FISH service, our scientists will work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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