Intergeneric/Interspecies Cross-breeding

Creative Bioarray provides fluorescent probe products for genomic and chromosomal analysis, FISH analysis testing services, and fluorescence microscopy services. FISH technical services can be widely used in cytogenetic analysis, and we provide various types of probe customization services. For the visualization and genomic analysis of hybrid progeny that may be encountered in intergenus/interspecies cross breeding work. Our service platform can provide customers with customized probe consulting and design services to help you quickly advance your research. Our diverse products and customized solutions for customer projects are our strengths and characteristics. By choosing our FISH technical service, you will enjoy one-stop scientific research services.

Intergeneric/Interspecies Cross-breeding

In modern plant breeding, one of the strategies for the selection and breeding of excellent crop traits is achieved through inter-genus/inter-specific hybridization. Interspecific hybridization can promote biological diversity. Many crop varieties that have been widely planted are hybrids. Hybrids between crops and their wild relatives can obtain more "usable" traits. Intergeneric hybrids are crosses between two different genera of the same family. The genera that produce intergeneric hybrids are always genetically related members of the same taxonomic tribe. Intergeneric hybridization represents an opportunity to combine genomes from distinctly different plants and infiltrate traits not found in the main genera of interest. Inter-genus/inter-species crosses between cultivars and their wild species have great potential to improve the tolerance of crops to biotic and abiotic stresses. The offspring that are crossed through this strategy may have greater environmental adaptability and species diversity. An important factor in the consideration of hybridization efficiency is whether the hybrid offspring embryos can develop normally and obtain seeds. Our services provide a comprehensive chromosome drawing program for the offspring of interspecific/intergeneric hybrids that have been carried out in the development of horticultural crop varieties and economic crop varieties.

A schematic diagram of a distant hybrid breeding system between species.Fig 1. A schematic diagram of a distant hybrid breeding system between species. (Kaneko Y, et al. 2014)

Available FISH Services Options

In terms of trait selection and progeny chromosome analysis in cross-breeding, FISH and GISH are the best choices. Our inter-genus/inter-species cross-breeding related FISH service is a laboratory service that can be used to quickly analyze hybridized cells, sections of offspring, and other samples for chromosome counting and genetic analysis. You can select the genome or chromosome of interest for analysis. We provide a wide range of commercial FISH probes or probe sets customized for your experimental projects. At the same time, we also accept the sequence of the probe designed by the customer. Our FISH platform can realize the production of many types of FISH probes. The core of this service is advanced FISH/GISH technology and comprehensive data analysis. The advantage of this service is that the quality control link provided by our laboratory ensures that your project can be completed on time and with guaranteed quality.

The focus of FISH service for intergenus/interspecific crossing-breeding. - Creative BioarrayFig 2. The focus of FISH service for intergenus/interspecific crossing-breeding.

Features of Our Technology Platform

  • Quality control throughout the process to ensure the quality of the project
  • Personalized customization of FISH/GISH experimental protocol
  • One-stop service, you will receive data that can be used for publication after a service period when the sample is mailed to us

Creative Bioarray offers fully customized FISH analysis and testing services, from sampling technical support to FISH solutions. You will benefit from our technical expertise and one-stop solution. If you are interested in FISH analysis solutions or looking for custom probes, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


  1. Kaneko Y, Bang S W. Interspecific and intergeneric hybridization and chromosomal engineering of Brassicaceae crops[J]. Breeding science, 2014, 64(1): 14-22.
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