EB66 Cell Chromosomal Aberration Analysis

EB66 cell line is derived from duck embryonic stem cells, and has been widely used for producing human and bird therapeutics and vaccines.

However, EB66 cell line instability can affect cell culture phenotypes such as cell growth, productivity, or product quality and remain challenges for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Chromosomal variations in these cell lines are monitored because these mutations can potentially affect the productivity and stability of the cell lines. For example, changes in chromosome number or structure may alter the amount or function of the proteins produced by the cells. In addition, chromosomal variations can also influence the susceptibility of the cell lines to contaminants or diseases. Thus, evaluation of chromosomal variations is crucial for quality control and safety assessment of industrial cell lines.

Here, Creative Bioarray has established EB66 Cell Chromosomal Aberration Analysis to fast-track your stable cell line stability and accelerate subsequent IND review.

Figure 1. Avian cell karyotype generated from avian-cultured cells.Figure 1. Avian cell karyotype generated from avian-cultured cells.

The Service Features:

Creative Bioarray's EB66 Cell Chromosomal Aberration Analysis has the following features:

  • Metaphase nuclei harvest and chromosome count.
  • Chromosomal abnormality quantification.
  • Counting: 30-40 cells, and microscope analysis of 20 metaphase spreads.
  • Standard cytogenetic analysis can be customized to your need.

Quotation and ordering

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