siRNA Localization and FISH


The role of siRNA is to silence repetitive sequences, such as transposons and antiviral defenses. Synthetic siRNA is usually 21-nt double-stranded RNA with a protruding dinucleotide at the 3'-end. The potential of siRNA as an effective drug to treat a variety of human diseases has received extensive attention from the biomedical community. When siRNA is introduced into the cell through a delivery vector or various methods, one of the double-stranded siRNA, the antisense strand, is loaded on the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). The activated RISC containing siRNA will recognize complementary mRNA in a sequence-selective manner and cause the cleavage or non-cleavage of the target mRNA to inhibit translation. This process will also lead to the production of secondary siRNA (RNA interference, RNAi). Therefore, the analytical methods for detecting target siRNA are very important for understanding their intracellular behavior, which can provide valuable insights for the implementation of siRNA therapy. The upgrade of the same detection method is also particularly important for further research on siRNA.

siRNA Visualization and Localization

With the iteration of technology, the imaging field of the siRNA molecule level is also expanding. Our siRNA FISH analysis service provides a FISH analysis service mainly for fixed cells. This service is based on a personalized solution of fully customized probes. Our RNA FISH pledge platform provides a full set of laboratory services to facilitate your research. The main process of this service includes the following steps. First of all, our scientists will communicate with customers to customize the experimental protocol, including determining the type of biological sample, the number of targets, and the acquisition of simple target information. Customers can choose single-target or multi-target detection. After the customer confirms the customized solution, the probe is customized. Sequence design can be completed by our laboratory, and upload sequences are also accepted. After receiving the customer's sample, a simple quality control link is carried out and a quality control report is issued. Subsequently, we performed FISH pre-hybridization and hybridization analysis. After harvesting high-definition images and data, our bioinformatics team will annotate and mine the data and give the types of data that can be published. The progress of the entire service will be synchronized with customers so that customers can rest assured.

The main points of siRNA FISH service. - Creative BioarrayFig 1. The main points of siRNA FISH service.

Optional Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging Services

In addition, we also provide some live cell siRNA fluorescence imaging services based on peptide nucleic acid (PNA) modified probes. This service is a fully customized service, including experimental protocols and probes. Live cell fluorescence imaging based on advanced synthetic PNA/DNA probes provides a wider field of view for siRNA analysis.

Customer Report Checklist

  • Customized experimental protocol
  • Quality control report
  • Probe report
  • Image report
  • Bioinformatics report

Creative Bioarray provides siRNA imaging services based on advanced LNA/DNA probes and PNA/DNA probes. Our FISH experiment platform provides a one-stop service for the whole process and has advanced equipment. You will benefit from our technical expertise and excellent experimental team to save energy and increase efficiency for your research. If you are interested in our siRNA FISH service, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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