Chromosome Aneuploidy Analysis

Creative Bioarray provides probe products, analytical testing services, and fluorescence microscopy services that can be used for chromosomal variation analysis in animals. Good parental selection in animal breeding is essential for the improvement and breeding of farm animals. FISH is a technique that plays an integral role in animal cytogenetic testing. Our FISH technical service will tailor the experimental plan for you according to the sample source and research purpose, allowing you to experience one-stop scientific research services. Our services can be applied to a variety of sample types and disciplines through adaptively improved experimental protocols and the combined application of multiple techniques and equipment. Providing diversified products and customized solutions for customer projects is our strength and characteristic.

Chromosome Aneuploidy and Animal Breeding

The effects of chromosomal abnormalities can cause serious consequences. Among them, aneuploidy, a typical type of chromosomal aberration, has an important impact on animal breeding. It is well known that euploidy, autosomal aneuploidy, and large unbalanced structural rearrangements usually lead to early embryonic death. The exception is that in sex chromosome aneuploidy, this is usually not fatal, but it can cause sexual development disorders. This means that partial chromosomal rearrangement events that occur on sex chromosomes can lead to impaired fertility. A cytogenetic diagnosis is an important tool to determine the causes of congenital malformations and cancers and to study reproductive disorders. Detection of chromosomal abnormalities in domestic animals (cattle, pigs, and horses) and companion animals (dogs and cats) is important for animal selection and breeding strategies.

The use of FISH technique for the detection of sex chromosomes.Fig 1. The use of FISH technique for the detection of sex chromosomes. (Szczerbal et al. , 2016)

Chromosome Analysis in Animal Breeding

In mammalian reproduction, chromosomal abnormalities are an important and well-documented cause of sexual development disorders, infertility, recurrent miscarriage, menstrual cycle disorders, and ovarian insufficiency. Cytogenetic analysis can be used to evaluate the quality of sex staining of male individuals in large-scale insemination programs to prevent the production or reproduction of animals with chromosomal aberrations. Fluorescence in situ hybridization technology can be used to determine the cause of infertility and diagnose sex chromosomal aneuploidy. Our FISH technical service platform provides scientific research services to researchers in the fields of animal breeding and veterinary research. Chromosomal aneuploidy analysis in companion and farm animals has important implications for the development of progeny selection strategies and for studying the role of certain chromosomal rearrangements. We have advanced fluorescence microscope equipment and professional technicians.

The focus of FISH assay for aneuploidy. - Creative BioarrayFig 2. The focus of FISH assay for aneuploidy.

Creative Bioarray provides suitable FISH solutions for chromosomal aneuploidy analysis problems that may be encountered in animal breeding. The significance of this work is to help breeding-related researchers gain relevant knowledge to formulate breeding strategies. If you are interested in our technical services, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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