CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis

Biological therapy uses the body's immune system to fight cancer, which includes a variety of models, such as immunotherapy, gene therapy, regulation of angiogenesis therapy, small molecule targeting drugs and stem cells, and tissue engineering regenerative medicine. CAT-T refers to Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy. The principle is that T cells modified by chimeric antigen receptor can specifically identify tumor-associated antigen to improve the effects of T cells targeting activity, cybotactic, and persistence.

However, CAR-T cell therapy can cause several alarming side effects, such as cytokine storms, encephalopathy, and B cell hypoplasia. Therefore, biodistribution study plays a significant role in tracking these molecules. In Situ Hybridization is an excellent method to detect the CAR-T cells, as many current ways are either not sensitive enough to detect low levels of expression or incapable of detecting CAR+ T cells in the tissue context. RNA ISH combines IHC allow analysis of CAR, transgene mRNA, and biomarker protein, respectively, while preserving the cellular relationship and tissue architecture. Researchers have found that combining or multiplexing both technologies provides unique information. CAR-T/transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis service from Creative Bioarray can help validate and accelerate your cell therapy development.

CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis

CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis

Features of CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis (RNA ISH + IHC method)

(1) Detection of activated CAR-T cells in the tissue context
(2) Codon-optimized transgene and biomarker expression analysis
(3) Biomarker protein analysis
(4) Custom probes designed within 1-2 weeks
(5) Fastest turnaround time
(6) Experienced scientists for accurate data analysis
(7) Standard and customized experiment plan

Benefits of CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis (RNA ISH + IHC method)

(1) Detect low levels of gene expression across all normal tissues in animal models and human samples
(2) Assess cell-specific target expression and biomarker protein in normal tissues and expression heterogeneity in tumor tissues
(3) Visualize and quantify CAR-T cell infiltration and activation in tumor and off-tumor tissues
(4) Simultaneously detect CAR/TCR vector and cytokines, T cell markers, or other cell-type markers

Creative Bioarray offers CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis for you as follows:

  • Probe design
  • Probe synthesis
  • ISH + IHC staining
  • Imaging
  • Data analysis

Quotation and ordering

Our customer service representatives are available 24hr a day! We thank you for considering Creative Bioarray as your CAR-T/Transgene/Cytokine/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis partner.


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