Oligo FISH Probe

Creative Bioarray has many project experience in fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) testing using probes constructed from bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC). Our DNA FISH experimental platform can successfully provide one-stop analysis and testing services from probe construction. Our BAC chromosome construction is completed by experimenters with rich experimental experience, providing you with the perfect solution for DNA FISH. We have established a mature protocol and can provide you with experimental reports and result from analysis reports according to your requirements. Compared with classic BCA-derived FISH probes, Oligo FISH probes have greater development potential. This is because the BAC library used for custom FISH was developed for the human genome project and not specifically for FISH applications.

Oligo-FISH chromosome-specific probe application examples.Fig 1. Oligo-FISH chromosome-specific probe application examples. (Hoang P T N, et al. 2021)

Oligo FISH Probe Services

This customized service is designed to help researchers in multiple disciplines such as molecular medicine, botany, microbiology, and cytogenetics design FISH probes that can be used in regions of interest on chromosomes or for in situ visual analysis. Our oligonucleotide FISH probe customization service is based on commercial probe design software. The purpose of Oligo FISH customization is to eliminate the mismatch between the target area of interest and the probe coverage area. Through the professional team to design the oligonucleotide probe for the customer, accurately locate the area of interest, so that the specificity of the probe is fully guaranteed. We provide a comprehensive FISH probe customization program to help customers quickly identify various chromosomal aberrations in the entire genome. The basic process of the service includes probe design, synthesis and labeling, internal QC, and product delivery. The internal QC of oligo FISH custom probe products included in this service can reduce the possibility and risk of non-specific staining.

Features of Oligo FISH Probe

  • Not restricted by the BCA library;
  • Can achieve precise positioning of the region of interest;
  • Relying on computer design, short cycle and time-effective;

FISH mapping application of oligonucleotide probes.Fig 2. FISH mapping application of oligonucleotide probes. (Bielski W, et al. 2020)

Creative Bioarray provides design and customization services for oligonucleotide FISH probes that are not restricted by the BCA database. The development of sequence-specific Oligo FISH probes based on commercial probe design software has the characteristics of more precise targeting of the target area. Our Oligo FISH probe provides a variety of dyes for labeling, which can make a reasonable multi-color FISH analysis program for customers. You will benefit from our internal optimized design methods and standardized quality control links to provide you with cost-effective FISH probe customized solutions. We are confident to guarantee the quality of the delivered products. If you are interested in our Oligo FISH probe design and customization service or have Oligo FISH probe synthesis needs, please contact us for customization. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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