Nervous System Development

Creative Bioarray is a supplier dedicated to the development of gene expression visualization analysis solutions and analysis and testing services. Our molecular analysis platform provides a comprehensive visual analysis solution for the analysis of gene expression in the development of the nervous system and facilitates tissue in situ analysis of gene expression regulation in cell types of interest to customers. This service uses uniquely designed probes to carry out, which can target the small RNA analysis in gene expression regulation and the co-expression analysis of related mRNA.

miRNA and Nervous System Development

Cognition and behavior require the correct formation and function of neuronal networks. In fact, disrupting the pathophysiological state of neuronal networks can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, schizophrenia, or intellectual disability. Post-transcriptional control of gene expression has become an additional and possibly equally important link in regulating the development of neural circuits. Special microRNAs (miRNAs) are a rich type of small regulatory RNAs that can regulate the development, maturation, and function of neuronal circuits by controlling, for example, local mRNA translation. It is also becoming increasingly clear that miRNAs are often dysregulated in neurodevelopmental disorders, indicating the role of miRNAs in the etiology and/or maintenance of neurological disease states. Regulating miRNAs can be used as a "master regulator" or "fine regulator" of gene expression, depending on the context, to influence such things as cell fate determination, cell migration, neuronal polarization, and synapse formation. It has been found that miRNA functions in the adult nervous system are related to neuronal plasticity, including regulation of synaptic protein synthesis, dendritic spines morphogenesis, and plasticity-related diseases.

Fig 1. miRNA Biogenesis and Processing. (Fineberg S K, et al. 2009)Fig 1. miRNA Biogenesis and Processing. (Fineberg S K, et al. 2009)

Visual Analysis of miRNA and Regulatory Gene Expression in the Development of the Nervous System

The study of miRNA functions in the nervous system can be achieved by disrupting miRNA biogenesis pathways or using the silencing of individual miRNAs in specific brain regions or cell types. These works often involve multiple gene expression processes and many different transcripts. Our RNA visualization analysis program can realize the co-expression analysis of multiple transcripts in the context of histology. This service is based on loci-specific probes. Commercially available probes have been developed with higher specificity probes. With its unique design, this type of probe improves the specificity of the analysis and reduces the background. It is a viable technology for the visualization of non-coding small RNAs. In addition, our platform also provides probe customization services. For non-commercial loci that are of interest to customers, our experts can give guidance on program design. At the same time, we also provide some neuron typing panels to help customers locate specific cell types in tissue samples.

Fig 2. FISH solution for nervous system development and miRNA visualization. - Creative BioarrayFig 2. FISH solution for nervous system development and miRNA visualization.

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  1. Fineberg S K, Kosik K S, Davidson B L. MicroRNAs potentiate neural development[J]. Neuron, 2009, 64(3): 303-309.
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