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Interphase Cytogenetics

Interphase chromosome genetics first used this term in 1986 to describe the detection of chromosome-specific pericentric sequences in the nucleus of interphase cells to determine chromosomal abnormalities in cultured cell lines. Traditional cytogenetics and slide-based FISH have become diagnostic tools for many genetic-related diseases, such as abnormal karyotypes. Interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (IFISH) refers to the visualization of chromosomal aberrations in intact cell nuclei using probes that display or directly label with different fluorescent dyes. Routine clinical diagnosis of aneuploidy and large deletion is performed by G-banding karyotype or FISH. Although G-banding of metaphase chromosomes allows simultaneous detection of aneuploidies, translocations, and deletions on all chromosomes, the method is labor-intensive and requires mitotic cells. Compared with interim analysis, the main advantage of interphase cytogenetics is that it does not require cell culture, making the procedure directly applicable to cell materials and allowing more cells to be analyzed more quickly. In addition, with the visualization of non-mitotic interphase cells, FISH is more sensitive than G banding for certain chromosomal abnormalities.

IFISH application.Fig 1. IFISH application. (Tibiletti M G, et al. 2007)

IFISH Services

IFISH can analyze a variety of cell nuclei, such as imprinted nuclei, nuclei obtained from conventional cytogenetic procedures, frozen nuclei, nuclei on paraffin-embedded section, and cell nuclei extracted from paraffin-embedde sections. The IFISH technique can be used to determine the low-resolution distance between restrictive markers. Our IFISH service uses advanced peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes for better hybridization results. The service process is divided into experimental design, sample pre-processing, probe customization, FISH hybridization, microscope service, and data service. The service plan is confirmed by the customer in advance, and the service progress is synchronized to the customer (can be inquired). Let the customer understand the progress of the entire project, and then give us the sample with more confidence.

Advanced IFISH service process.Fig 2. Advanced IFISH service process.

Service Details

Experimental design.Our expert team will design and adjust the agreement according to the sample type.
Sample pretreatment.Choose the appropriate method for RNase treatment and protease treatment according to the cell type or slice type to ensure the quality of the test.
Probe customization.Our IFSH uses peptide nucleic acid probes, and each project will customize high-quality labeled probes.
FISH hybridization.Our FISH experimental platform completes the experimental steps before and after hybridization.
Microscope service.Use a fluorescence microscope to harvest high-quality data graphs.
Data service.Our bioinformatics team conducts data collation and analysis.

Creative Bioarray provides high-quality IFISH technical services to help our customers solve the technical problems of interphase chromosome genetic analysis. You will benefit from our technical expertise and FISH service, and work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. If you are interested in our FISH service, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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