EB66 Cell Bank Characterization

EB66 cell line is a duck embryonic stem cell line derived from Muscovy duck embryos. EB66 cells are able to replicate faster than conventional embryonic stem cells derived from mammals and can reproduce multiple times, making them an excellent choice for large-scale production of vaccines, biologics, and other biological products.

Creative Bioarray offers EB66 Cell Bank Characterization utilizing various techniques such as Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH), Locus Amplification & Sequencing and G-banded Karyotyping. Transgene Mapping through Locus Amplification & Sequencing integrates next-generation sequencing to selectively magnify and sequence the transgene and adjoining genomic area. G-banded Karyotyping can identify and examine chromosomal abnormalities like translocations, amplifications or deletions in EB66 cells, providing precious insights about the genetic stability of these cell lines. FISH possesses significant potential in detecting and analyzing EB66 cell lines. Its applications encompass verifying target gene integration and copy number, assessing chromosomal reorganizations, and quantifying specific gene expression levels. These applications significantly contribute to the progression and refinement of EB66 cell lines for biopharmaceutical production.

EB66 Cell Bank Characterization services from Creative Bioarray were provided to numerous pharmaceutical companies, and successfully helped their biopharmaceutical products get approved by the regulatory agency.

EB66 Cell Line Characterization Tests Available:

EB66 Cell Bank Characterization

Cell Line Scope

According to document ICH Q5D ‘Quality of Biological Products: Derivatives and Characterization of Cellular Substrates for the Production of Biotechnology/Biological Products’, Creative Bioarray performs MDCK cell bank characterization on the following cell lines:

  • Research Cell Bank (RCB)
  • Working Cell Bank (WCB)
  • Master Cell Bank (MCB)
  • End-of-Production Cells (EOPC)

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