PK15 Cell Chromosomal Aberration Analysis

Porcine Kidney 15 (PK-15) cells, derived from the kidney of a pig, are utilized in various drug and vaccine research projects related to pig diseases and viruses. These critical epithelial cells test positive for porcine circovirus (PCV), and currently, there is no commercially available source of PCV-free PK-15 cells. Such PK-15 cells absent of PCV are crucial for studies on pig viruses, as well as diagnostic tests and vaccine development.

Creative Bioarray provides PK15 Cell Chromosomal Aberration Analysis (G-Banded Analysis) to fast-track your stable cell line stability and accelerate subsequent IND review.

Karyotype analysis (G-Banded analysis) can indicate that PK15 cells, as well as limiting-diluted subclones, exhibit a karyotypically heterogeneous population, suggesting that chromosomal rearrangements occur spontaneously and frequently even in non-engineered host cells. This technique used to characterize the cell bank genetic instability would be evaluated as a tool for the detection of instability in cell line development processes. PK15 cell line stability issues challenge biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Figure 1. Pig cell line karyotype generated from cultured cells.Figure 1. Pig cell line karyotype generated from cultured cells.

The Service Features:

Creative Bioarray's PK15 Cell Chromosomal Aberration Analysis has the following features:

  • Metaphase nuclei harvest and chromosome count.
  • Chromosomal abnormality quantification.
  • Counting: 30-40 cells, and microscope analysis of 20 metaphase spreads.
  • Standard cytogenetic analysis can be customized to your need.

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