Adenovirus Vector/Transgene/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis

Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer hold much promise in the treatment of human diseases. Adenoviruses are non-enveloped, icosahedral viruses, divided across seven species (A-G). They have emerged as popular gene therapy vectors for therapeutic purposes, where they can be grown to high titers and efficiently transduce a range of cell types in vivo and in vitro.

An important component in the safety evaluation of gene therapy agents is the determination of the biodistribution and dissemination of the agent in vivo following administration by appropriate routes. RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) technology provides morphology-based, cell-specific quantification of vector DNA, transgene mRNA, and specific biomarker protein. RNA ISH and IHC allow analysis of vector DNA, transgene mRNA, and biomarker protein, respectively, while preserving the cellular relationship and tissue architecture. Researchers have found that combining or multiplexing both technologies provides unique information. AAV Vector/transgene/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis service from Creative Bioarray can help you validate and accelerate your gene therapy development.


Features of Adenovirus Vector/transgene/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis (ISH + IHC method)

(1) Detection of single-copy DNA vectors
(2) Codon-optimized transgene analysis
(3) Biomarker protein analysis
(4) Custom probes designed within 1-2 weeks
(5) Fastest turnaround time
(6) Experienced scientists for accurate data analysis
(7) Standard and customized experiment plan

Benefits of Adenovirus Vector/Transgene/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis (ISH + IHC method)

(1) Simultaneously visualize in vivo delivery of vector DNA and therapeutic transgene mRNA
(2) Identify cell tropism of adenovirus vector by multiplexing with specific biomarker protein
(3) Distinguish transgene from endogenous sequences, at the single nucleotide level
(4) Quantify Adenovirus+ cell number and track persistence over time

Creative Bioarray offers Adenovirus Vector/Transgene/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis for you as follows:

  • Probe design
  • Probe synthesis
  • ISH + IHC staining
  • Imaging
  • Data analysis

Quotation and ordering

Our customer service representatives are available 24hr a day! We thank you for considering Creative Bioarray as your Adenovirus Vector/Transgene/Biomarker Protein Biodistribution Analysis partner.


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