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The FISH imaging system is a broad combination concept. At present, there is no complete set of imaging equipment for FISH analysis in the market. Therefore, choosing a suitable combination of equipment to become a FISH analysis platform can realize the analysis of multiple FISH variants and cope with the challenges of multicolor analysis. Key link. The resolution of the fluorescent label on the FISH probe requires different wavelengths of light to excite and generate longer-wavelength emission light. With the development of fluorescence technology, a revolution in optical microscopy has taken place. These technologies have made the process of locating, identifying, and recording the genetic composition data of biomedical samples easier, precise, and accurate than ever before.

FISH Imaging 

In the past decade, advances in the probe and microscopy technology have led to the rapid development of fluorescence technology. Hybridization reactions identify or mark target genomic sequences so that their location and size can be studied. The simultaneous use of multiple fluorescent color analysis methods greatly expands the application range of FISH. The combination of multicolor FISH technology and digital imaging technology greatly expands the capabilities of in situ hybridization. Different color combinations facilitate the simultaneous detection of various marker features in cells through a digital imaging microscope.

Microscope Services

After a large number of analysis projects, we have gradually formed a combination of fluorescent microscopy equipment with competitive advantages. Relying on this platform, our microscope service can handle most imaging and data acquisition tasks in FISH analysis scenarios. At present, our platform can simultaneously analyze the signals of 1-5 fluorescent dyes of different wavelengths and can cope with image acquisition and analysis scenarios under multi-color FISH. The combination of internally optimized instruments, software, accessories, and consumables ensures the fluency of analysis. Our team of experimenters has undergone specialized equipment operation training and has extensive analysis experience.

  • Imaging equipment. Our FISH service platform integrates various types of fluorescence microscopes, confocal microscopes and epi-microscopes. Equipped with dozens of filter groups to meet different analysis needs.
  • Image analysis software. Our platform has a variety of suitable imaging software, which can detect, analyze and display the structure and molecular characteristics of multi-color FISH samples, and can also achieve multi-color simultaneous imaging.
  • Image acquisition equipment. The image acquisition equipment of our fluorescence imaging platform has high performance and can collect high-resolution fluorescence images.

Our FISH imaging analysis platformFig 1. Our FISH imaging analysis platform.

Creative Bioarray has built a device platform that can meet the technical analysis needs of multiple FISH variants. Relying on this platform, we can provide a variety of FISH analyses and combination technical services. Our FISH imaging service is the key finishing link of FISH technical service, guaranteeing to provide customers with high-quality image data. You will benefit from our internally optimized imaging platform to provide you with high-quality FISH technical services. If you are interested in our FISH service, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

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