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Increasingly, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) can detect specific nucleic acid sequences in a single cell and has been used to establish epigenetic profiles. For example, RNA FISH provides information about the expression level and location of RNA transcripts, and when combined with the detection of related protein and chromatin modifications, can provide important insights into the function of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA). Improvements in FISH technology enable lncRNA to be displayed at synthetic sites on chromosomes or functional sites in the genome. Combining the information of epigenetic factors and histone modifications with in situ analysis of lncRNA can analyze the way in which epigenetic factors are recruited into the genome to regulate expression.

An RNA-FISH survey of lncRNAs.Fig 1. An RNA-FISH survey of lncRNAs. (Cabili M N, et al. 2015)


Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) has become a new hot spot in molecular biology, and it plays an important role in regulating gene expression at epigenetic, transcription and post-transcriptional levels. More and more lncRNAs are found to play an important role in normal cell physiological activities and participate in a variety of physiological and pathological processes. The development of in situ analysis and microscopy technology has gradually reduced the difficulty of lncRNA whose expression level is very low or not very stable. The most important and first part of the protocol for characterizing lncRNA is to experimentally verify its expression in the cell type of interest, especially to quantify its abundance and determine the subcellular location (distribution). RNA single molecule FISH (smFISH) technology has been widely used to detect and quantify single mRNA and lncRNA molecules, and can successfully analyze the subcellular localization of lncRNA.

Service Process

Our lncRNA FISH service is a comprehensive service. Based on smFISH technology, transcripts and end products can be analyzed at the same time. Our platform allows visualization and quantification of individual RNA transcripts and can achieve co-analysis of target lncRNA and mRNA. Our service process includes sample reception and pretreatment, FISH probe design and synthesis, hybridization and washing, microscopy service, and bioinformatics service.

Details and tips

  • We can accept cultured fresh or fixed cell and tissue samples, and we can complete the subsequent permeabilization steps.
  • The probe design can be done by our experts, you can also choose to submit your sequence, and then we will synthesize oligonucleotide probes and fluorescently label the probes.
  • Then we will complete the FISH detection step by step and harvest the microscope image.
  • Finally, our bioinformatics team will process the harvested data and give an analysis report.

 The main items of lncRNA FISH service. - Creative BioarrayFig 2. The main items of lncRNA FISH service.

Creative Bioarray provides convenient laboratory technical services based on FISH to help our customers complete the entire experimental process from detection to data analysis. You will benefit from our technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge to explore the best solution for lncRNA analysis with you. If you are interested in lncRNA FISH analysis based on single molecule FISH technology, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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