HEK293 Cell Multicolor FISH

HEK293 cell line is extensively used as a tool for mechanistic studies in mammalian biology and also for propagating viral vectors and generating recombinant proteins. Considering its widespread use in various fields, cytogenetic characterization of HEK293 cells is critical to understanding how to best utilize this tool for research. The HEK293 cell line exhibits a highly complex karyotype, with several numerical abnormalities and a series of structural aberrations, including deletions and rearrangements (exchanges or translocations).

Multicolor FISH (M-FISH) assays are used for a precise assessment of complex chromosomal rearrangements. This technique uses all whole-chromosome painting probes in multiplex-FISH and spectral karyotyping. Thus, marker chromosomes, complex chromosomal rearrangements, and all numerical aberrations can be visualized simultaneously in a single hybridization experiment. M-FISH is a kind of versatile tool for precise chromosome separation and for rapid chromosome classification help speeding up the workflow. Apart from that, the analysis of M-FISH images is easy even if aberrations are involved.

M-FISH complements the standard cytogenetic methods, which is helpful in deciphering HEK293 complex chromosomal rearrangements and is used to identify non-random structural chromosome rearrangements not detectable by other methods. Creative Bioarray offers HEK293 M-FISH service for you.

Fig1. Representative M-FISH karyotype of HEK293 cell.Fig1. Representative M-FISH karyotype of HEK293 cell.

Our M-FISH has unparalleled advantages:

  • Rapid analysis of metaphase spread
  • Ability to analyze complex cases with multiple chromosomal rearrangements, identification of marker chromosomes
  • Ability to distinguish different imbalanced situations detectable in aCGH
  • Ability to accurately karyotype single metaphases without selection

Features of Creative Bioarray's HEK293 Cell Multicolor FISH

  • High accuracy and sensitively
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing

Quotation and ordering

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