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Visualization of Nascent RNA Transcripts

The role of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) in the human transcriptome is getting more and more attention, and it accounts for a large part of all transcripts. In addition to the classic ribosomal, metastasis, and small nucleolar RNA, many other non-protein-coding RNAs have been discovered, including micro RNA (miRNA), long intergenic non-coding RNA (lincRNA), repeated copies and short transcription start site (TSS), active enhancer (eRNA) and introns and surrounding transcripts. In order to identify changes in this complex RNA mixture in a cell population, it is very useful to map the dynamics of the nascent transcriptome. Whole-genome analysis of nascent RNA has become a basic tool for studying transcriptional regulation. The new RNA analysis can reflect the real-time activity of RNA polymerase. The development of cell diversity in any organism depends on the timely and correct expression of different gene subgroups in each tissue type. RNA-FISH is a technique for global average analysis of RNA expression, which can sensitively detect specific transcripts in a single cell while maintaining cell morphology. Our services are designed to help customers understand the spatial and temporal organization of gene transcription, the distribution of gene expression and mature RNA, and the relationship between the nucleus and cell compartments, or to study the intercellular variation of gene expression in specific tissues.

Fig 1. Detection of nascent transcripts by RNA-FISH. (Brown J M, et al. 2010)Fig 1. Detection of nascent transcripts by RNA-FISH. (Brown J M, et al. 2010)

FISH Assay of Nascent RNA

The difficulty of RNA detection compared to DNA detection lies in its poor stability and ubiquitous RNAase, and even certain types of nuclear RNA (ie, large intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) and eRNAs) have a short half-life. These characteristics make nascent RNA can only be measured by nascent RNA technology. Our platform has established an internally optimized RNA-FISH method that can detect new transcripts in the nucleus and allows simultaneous detection of DNA or proteins next to RNA. Our nascent RNA testing is carried out in an independent testing space to minimize RNAase contamination. The basic process of this service includes sample preparation (special fixation method), probe selection or customization, FISH hybridization, imaging and data analysis. For nascent RNA detection sample fixation, the method needs to be selected and made according to the type and quantity of the sample. Our service platform provides optional sample pre-processing procedures, or sample collection and fixed technical guidance. The selection or customization of the probe can be designed according to the target of interest to the customer.

Our Features

  • Independent freshman RNA analysis and testing laboratory and reagent equipment;
  • Fixed method and pre-treatment process adjusted according to the sample;
  • Diversified commercial probe selection or probe customization;
  • Optional visual analysis of target protein (RNA-ImmunoFISH);
  • Experienced RNA analysis experimental team;

Fig 2. Our service advantage. - Creative BioarrayFig 2. Our service advantage.

Creative Bioarray provides a complete visual analysis solution for nascent RNA to meet customers' needs for visual analysis of various types of RNA. This service fully guarantees the accuracy of analysis through internal optimized experimental protocols and an independent RNA analysis laboratory. If you are interested in our FISH services, please contact us for cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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